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Vaccines and MMR

The scientific community has reached a clear consensus that vaccines don’t cause autism. There is no controversy.

There is, however, a manufactroversy — a manufactured controversy — created by junk science, dishonest researchers, professional misconduct, outright fraud, lies, misrepresentations, irresponsible reporting, unfortunate media publicity, poor judgment, celebrities who think they are wiser than the whole of medical science, and a few maverick doctors who ought to know better.

Harriet Hall, MD

Rational Sites


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2007 article debunking the MMR controversy

eSkeptic Article

2009 article revisiting the MMR controversy.

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Body Count

Deaths for which the anti-vaccine lobby is responsible.

Bad Science

Ben Goldacre and the media's MMR hoax.

List of Studies

in peer-reviewed publications. (pdf)


MMR doesn't cause Autism.

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Skeptics dictionary entry on autism and thimerosal.

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Missed vaccines weaken 'herd immunity'.


Misconceptions about vaccines, debunked.

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Evolution and vaccines.


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The truth about the evils of vaccination.

Autism Watch

Scientific guide to Autism.


Links to pro-vaccinaton articles - 2011.


Funny, but true


Neat, simple graph showing the vaccines/autism link.


The Anti-Vaxxers and some responses


Anti-Vaxxers rely on discredited research.

Generation Rescue

Jenny McCarthy's dubious anti-vax site.


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Anti-vaxxer Mike Adams fails at maths.


Age of Autism

Daily web paper of the 'autism epidemic'.

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Countering the anti-science of 'Age of Autism'.


Huffington Post

Medical 'expert' Jim Carrey discusses vaccines.

Respectful Insolence

A response to Jim Carrey.



Australian (anti-)Vaccination Network


Dissects the Australian Vaccination Network.

Scientists had been urged to “listen to the parents.” They did listen to the parents and then conducted research to test the parents’ hypotheses. There were various kinds of studies in different countries by different research groups. The results were consistent:

10 studies showed MMR doesn’t cause autism

6 studies showed thimerosal doesn’t cause autism

3 studies showed thimerosal doesn’t cause subtle neurological problems
Now it’s the parents who won’t listen to the scientists.

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