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People are stupid. Given enough motivation, people will believe anything. People will believe a lie because they want it to be true, or because they're frightened it might be true.
Terry Goodkind

On Skepticism



Why I wrote these link pages.

UK Skeptics

The difference between open-minded and credulous.

Carl Sagan

The Burden of Skepticism.

Carl Sagan

The Fine Art of Baloney Detection.


The appeal to 'open-mindedness'.

Daylight Atheism

How to think critically.

Michael Shermer

Skeptic Manifesto.


General Resources


Richard Dawkins

A Clear-Thinking Oasis.


Devoted to testing dubious claims.

UK Skeptics

Looking at issues from a factual perspective.


Committee for Skeptical Enquiry.

Skeptic Report

Skeptical and Critical Thinking.

Skeptic's Dictionary

Comprehensive dictionary of irrational beliefs.

Rational Wiki

Online Encyclopedia of Science and Critical Thinking.


Skeptical Pages


Alien Abductions

Defying physics to experiment on Bubba and Jethro.

Alternative Medicine

How and why Alternative Medicine doesn't work.

Ancient Astronauts

...didn't come to earth to build the pyramids.


May 21, 2011. The Rapture. Yeah, right.


Your future's not in the stars.


Or just optical illusions?

Cell Phones

Do they cause brain tumors? Or worse?


All diseases are caused by spinal misalignment?


Truly bizarre beliefs in an alternate reality.

Crystal Healing

Magic healing from inanimate rocks.

Deja Vu

Psychic, past lives or CIA mind control?


Undiscovered energies, or the Ideomotor Effect?


Just a Theory?

Free Energy

Only if the second law of thermodynamics is wrong...

Global Warming

Turns out it's not a myth...


Turns out it doesn't cause earthquakes...


An eighteenth century fraud.


... or how to take money from the gullible.

Psychic Surgery

Sleight of hand for the gullible.


Really only a foot massage.


If qi doesn't exist, how does Reiki work?


Not in defence of religion.


Some thoughts on Science and Religion.


How misinformation is killing children.



Big page of relevant skeptical quotations.

Atheism Quotes

Big page of Atheist quotations.


Skeptical Writers

Top six - frequently atheist related,
best non-accommodationist resources.
The rest are generally more on (against)
SCAM (so-called alternative medicine)

Butterflies & Wheels

By Ophelia Benson, author of "Does God Hate Women".
(The answer is yes, by the way)
Eloquent, erudite articles and comments...


PZ Myers elegant and articulate blog.

Jerry Coyne

Writings by the author of 'Why Evolution is True'.

Russell Blackford

Metamagician and the Hellfire Club

Greta Christina

Greta doesn't pull any punches.

Sam Harris

Writings by the author of 'The End of Faith'.


Respectful Insolence

Science Blog by Orac - quite brilliant.

Bad Science

Dr Ben Goldacre's blog on bad science.

Sceptics Book of Pooh-Pooh

Contains reason... not excuses.


Science Based Medicine - multiple authors.





Neat, simple graph showing the vaccines/autism link.

Mr Deity

Hilarious videos featuring the trinity... and Lucy (lucifer).

The God Faq

Everything you'll ever need to know about God.

Landover Baptists

Unsubtle, hilarious parody of a Baptist Church Website.

Pray to God...

...and your prayers will be answered.


The 'Woo' handbook for debating with skeptics...

Skeptical Manifesto

Things people believe, which are all bunk.

Phil Plait

A Poem Beyond Belief.


The writer actually intends for this to be taken seriously!

Godless Geeks

Proofs that god exists.

Ultimate Answer?

What happens after I die?


How does Homeopathy work?


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