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I took it ... I got better. Assuming the two must be connected is a "post hoc" fallacy.
And no matter how many stories, the plural of "anecdote" is not "data".

Rational Sites


The Ultimate Fake

Detailed article from Quackwatch.

UK Skeptics

Clear article from UK Skeptics.


Skeptical (and comprehensive) guide to Homeopathy.

Depleted Cranium

Funny, illustrated guide to how homeopathy supposedly works.

Skeptic's Dictionary

Not in favour of homeopathy.


Evidence check on homeopathy.

What's the harm?

How homeopathy kills...


The Guardian

Jeanette Winterson's specious 'defence' of homeopathy.

A Kind of Magic

Dr Ben Goldacre's elegant rebuttal.


Irrational Sites


Stanford Wellsphere

Bashes mainstream medicine instead of providing any evidence.


Claims that homeopathy is not subject to normal clinical testing.

Homeopathy Plus

Makes breathtakingly unsubstantiated claims.

Members of the public are relieved of much money each year by homeopaths. There's little evidence they are relieved of any suffering.

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