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Armageddon - just not any time soon...
Be aware that when the Rapture doesn't take place on May 21, 2011,
some of these links will no longer work! And if it does take place,
this website will still be online...

Rational Sites


Religious Tolerance

A list of failed 'end of the world' predictions


Doomsday predictions from 2000 on...

Tacoma Atheists

Long list of failed prophecies.

We Can't Know

Countdown to Backpedaling - how long until the rapture?


Irrational Sites


Family Radio

Judgment Day is almost here...

End of the World

The Bible tells us... no, really...

We Can Know

May 21 is when it all happens...

ebible fellowship

This link died on May 22...

ebible fellowship

...and this explains what really happened!

Jesus is Savior

Other Christians denounce Harold Camping as a false prophet.


More Quotations

I met one of Harold Camping's followers in Quito, Ecuador. He was handing out leaflets
on the May 21 rapture. I asked him for his email address. "Why?" he asked me. "So I can
email you on May 22 and ask you what happened." He didn't give me his email address.

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