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The Easter Story
So how well do you really know the biblical story?

1 Who first came to the tomb on the Sunday morning?
a one woman (Jn 20:1)
b two women (Mt 28:1)
c three women (Mk 16:1)
d more than three women (Lk 23:55-56; 24:1,10)

2 She/they came
a while it was still dark (Mt 28:1; Jn 20:1)
b after the sun had risen (Mk 16:2)

3 The woman/women came to the tomb
a to anoint the body of Jesus with spices (Mk 16:1-2; Lk 24:1)
b just to look at it (Mt 28:1; Jn 20:1)

4 The women had obtained the spices
a on Friday before sunset (Lk 23:54-56; 24:1)
b after sunset on Saturday (Mk 16:1)

5 The first visitor(s) were greeted by
a an angel (Mt 28:2-5)
b a young man (Mk 16:5)
c two men (Lk 24:4)
d no one (Jn 20:1-2)

6 The greeter(s)
a was sitting on the stone outside the tomb (Mt 28:2)
b was sitting inside the tomb (Mk 16:5)
c were standing inside the tomb (Lk 24:3-4)

7 After finding the tomb empty, the woman/women
a ran to tell the disciples (Mt 28:7-8; Mk 16:10; Lk 24:9; Jn 20:2)
b ran away and said nothing to anyone (Mk 16:8)

8 The risen Jesus appeared first to
a Mary Magdalene alone (Jn 20:14; Mk 16:9)
b Cleopas and another disciple (Lk 24:13,15,18)
c Mary Magdalene and the other Mary (Mt 28:1,9)
d Cephas (Peter) alone (1 Cor 15:4-5; Lk 24:34)

9 Jesus first appeared
a somewhere between the tomb and Jerusalem (Mt 28:8-9)
b Just outside the tomb (Jn 20:11-14)
c in Galilee - about 80 miles north of Jerusalem (Mk 16:6-7)
d on the road to Emmaus - 7 miles west of Jerusalem (Lk 24:13-15)
e we are not told where (Mk 16:9; 1 Cor 15:4-5)

10 The disciples were to see Jesus first
a in Galilee (Mk 16:7; Mt 28:7,10,16)
b in Jerusalem (Mk 16:14; Lk 24:33,36; Jn 20:19; Acts 1:4)

11 the disciples were told that they would meet the risen Jesus in Galilee
a by the women, who had been told by an angel of the Lord, then by Jesus himself after the resurrection (Mt 28:7-10; Mk 16:7)
b by Jesus himself, before the crucifiction (Lk 26:32)

12 The risen Jesus
a wanted to be touched (Jn 20:27)
b did not want to be touched (Jn 20:17)
c did not mind being touched (Mt 28:9-10)

13 Jesus ascended to Heaven
a the same day that he was resurrected (Mk 16:9,19; Lk 24:13,28-36,50-51)
b forty days after the resurrection (Acts 1:3,9)
c we are not told that he ascended to Heaven at all (Mt 28:10, 16-20; Jn 21:25; the original Gospel of Mk ends at 16:8)

14 The disciples received the Holy Spirit
a 50 days after the resurrection (Acts 1:3,9)
b in the evening of the same day as the resurrection (Jn 20:19-22)

15 The risen Jesus
a was recognized by those who saw him (Mt 28:9; Mk 16:9-10)
b was not always recognizable (Mk 16:12; Lk 24:15-16,31,36-37; Jn 20:14-15)

16 The risen Jesus
a was physical (Mt 28:9; Lk 24:41-43; Jn 20:27)
b was not physical (Mk 16:9,12,14; Lk 24:15-16,31,36-37; Jn 20:19,26; 1 Cor 15:5-8)

17 The risen Jesus was seen by the disciples
a presumably only once (Mt 28:16-17)
b first by two of them, later by all eleven (Mk 16:12-14; Lk 24:13-15,33,36-51)
c three times (Jn 20:19,26; 21:1,14)
d many times (Acts 1:3)

18 When Jesus appeared to the disciples
a there were eleven of them (Mt 28:16-17; Lk 24:33,36)
b twelve of them (1 Cor 15:5)

There's a very funny cartoon representation of this problem from Russell's Teapot.


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