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James Randi's definitive article on the Ideomotor Effect.


The Ideomotor Effect.


A dowser fails to win one million dollars.

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The Ideomotor Effect.

UK Skeptics

The Ideomotor Effect.


How people are fooled...


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American Society of Dowsers

It must work - the argument from history.

British Society of Dowsers

'Factsheets' on dowsing.


Examples of when pendulum magic 'worked'.

From the American Society of Dowsers:

We have found that dowsers are some of the most wonderful people, open, dynamic — and willing to put things to the test — so a baseline of validity can be established and maintained.

[Except that whenever dowsing is tested under controlled conditions, the practitioners achieve no better than statistical chance. In addition, the ASD sent a directive to their members telling them not to apply for the James Randi One Million Dollar Paranormal Prize.]

They go on to say:

Empirical scientists have found biological receptors for over 20 senses beyond the tangible 5, and consciousness researchers have identified another 20-plus intangible senses.

[No evidence is offered for these statements...]

These 49 senses are inherent in each one of you — just awaiting to be activated!

[So long as you pay the subscription fee to join the society]

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