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Conspiracy Theories
People are often incapable of distinguishing what is true from what they would like to be true.

Rational Sites


UK Skeptics

Article about Conspiracy Theories.


Article about Conspiracy Theories.

UK Skeptics

Yes, we did go to the moon.

Moon Landings

Comprehensive links and rebuttal.

Rational Wiki

Four pages covering all the Moon conspiracy 'evidence'.


Possible cures suppressed by big Pharma?


The hidden cancer cure conspiracy debunked.

Skeptic Dictionary

Very clear article on 9/11.

Popular Mechanics

Another thorough debunking of the 9/11 conspiracy theory.


Conspiracy Sites

Conspiracy Planet

All the Theories you ever wanted.

Prison Planet

How to be completely credulous.


Online magazine of dubious claims.

New Dawn

'Proof' that AIDS was deliberately introduced to the US.


They know which 'secret organisations' are in control.

Moon Hoax

'Proof' that the moon landings were faked :)

Omission Control

Part-time librarian's research shows it was all a fake!




The Onion

Neil Armstrong realises he never went to the moon...

The critical issue is the quality of the purported evidence, rigorously and skeptically scrutinized—not what sounds plausible, not the unsubstantiated testimony of one or two self professed eyewitnesses.
Carl Sagan

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