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Cell Phones and Cancer

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Steve Novella

Do cell phones cause brain tumors?

Steve Novella

Cell phones and brain tumours

Steve Novella

Update on cell phones and brain cancer

Steve Novella

New data on cell phones and cancer

David Gorski

Oh no, my cell phone's going to kill me...

David Gorski

Oh no, my cell phone's going to give me brain cancer


Do cell phones cause cancer

Michael Shermer

Response and discussion to previous article

Cancer Institute

Cell phones and cancer risk

Cancer Institute

Interphone study shows no increased risk of tumors


Review of blatantly dishonest alarmist book...


Irrational Sites

Scientifically inept conspiracy site...


Causes tumors, heart attacks, damages DNA...

Al Sears

Cell phone radiation interferes with your body's 'force field'!

The fact remains: there is no good evidence that cell phones do cause cancer. And so far Iím not convinced by the proposed mechanisms by which they might cause cancer. The radiation/mutation and tissue heating explanations have pretty well been debunked. Iím going to continue to think that cell phones donít cause cancer ó and that there is a high probability that the kind of radiation they emit ďcanítĒ cause cancer ó until I see something much more convincing in the way of evidence.

Harriet Hall MD

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