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Alternative Medicine
If a scientific theory fails when tested, there's something wrong with the theory.
If 'alternative medicine' fails when tested, there's something wrong with the tests.

Rational Sites


UK Skeptics

An Overview.


A Guide to Quackery and Health Fraud.


National Council Against Health Fraud.


Why bogus therapies often seem to work.


pdf from British Medical Journal.

Dr Alicia White

How to read articles about medical breakthroughs in newspapers.

James Randi

The Myth of Alternative Medicine.


These are the calm, rational responses of people who disagree.

Either it is true that a medicine works or it isn't. It cannot be false in the ordinary sense but true in some ‘alternative’ sense. If a therapy or treatment is anything more than a placebo, properly conducted double-blind trials, statistically analyzed, will eventually bring it through with flying colours.

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