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Alien Abductions
Scores of “nonfiction” books, pseudo-documentaries, movies, and television programs notwithstanding, there is no good evidence to support claims that scores of Americans are regularly being kidnapped from their beds at night by alien beings.

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Alien Abductions

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Why people believe they were abducted.


Why people believe they were abducted.


No evidence to support the claims.


Most famous 'abduction'.


Alien Abductions.

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Alien Abductions.


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Case studies of 'actual abductions'.


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Interview with John Mack.


Dogtags to help the aliens return you to earth...

As a matter of fact, numerous flying saucer stories have been painstakingly investigated, in wearisome detail, by teams of conscientious amateur and professional scientists. Time after time after time the stories have crumbled under investigation.
Richard Dawkins

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